When Is The Best Time to Pressure Wash Your House: Spring, Summer, or Fall

Aug 30, 2022 | Articles

You like cleaning, but you absolutely adore delegating it. Today we’ll explore what a pressure washing service is and the advantages and disadvantages of getting your house cleaned with this professional technique each season of the year.

How does pressure/power washing work? Is it the right choice for your house?

If performed by dedicated washing professionals, pressure/power washing uses varying levels of pressurized water (from very low pressure to very high pressure) depending on the type of surface being washed and the stains being removed.

Pressure is only part of the story. Cleaners play an integral role to help kill and remove organic matter (or to break down wood stains) while reducing the need for higher pressure.

For residential washing, lower pressure combined with the appropriate cleaners usually does the job leaving your property protected, clean and neat. Using water pressure only can often create more problems. Damage or water infiltration (and organic stains) may return sooner than if killed using cleaners.

The benefits?

If done correctly, power/pressure washing can be a tremendous time-saver for you, allowing you to achieve a level of clean very difficult to achieve for most homeowners due to height, accessibility, and level of staining. Professional washing can also be a far safer option for homeowners who may attempt to wash from ladders / rooftops. Furthermore, trained washing technicians should know proper cleaner ratios and techniques to protect valuable plant-life.

While some of our Customers hire us every year, the vast majority of our Customers only need us to return every 2-4 years to wash again. We aim to remove the maximum amount of organic stains while minimizing potential risk to property.

Lastly, treating a dirty home to a professional washing may add curb appeal and therefore improve home value. Many people looking to sell a home turn to us for a complete wash before taking photos to list their property. Smart idea! Relatively small cost to make the property look great.

Regular cleanups at home prevent expensive repairs and unwanted surprises. They make your place look amazing, inviting, and they also increase its value.

What surfaces can you pressure wash?

There’s a wide range of surfaces and materials that you can pressure wash:

  • fences
  • outdoor furniture
  • your garage floor
  • the decks
  • your tiles
  • cars
  • and even boats!

What time of year is best for pressure washing?

The time of the year you choose to pressure wash your house is important, and it depends mainly on 3 factors: 

  • Your budget 
  • The contractors’ timing
  • Your stain maintenance (how recurrent mildew and mold are)

Let’s dive in and see all the details of pressure washing for each time of the year:


Hiring pressure washing services for your house in spring gives you proper time to embrace summer with all your spaces fully ready, avoiding the rush and stress of last-minute cleaning.

On the other hand, spring is high-season for residential pressure washing professionalsmassive preparations for the summer keep these services on a tight schedule, so, if you decide to pressure wash your house in spring, you’ll need to be patient. 

Consider calling during Winter and even having the washing done by us before Spring arrives! For years, we have added gear and techniques that allow us to wash safely above 35 degrees!


Summer is a perfect moment to pressure wash your house fast because the weather has no ice-related problems (as it is the case with winter). This is the time of year when you want to enjoy the exterior of your home the most. Also, we have more flexibility in our schedule for you.

Higher temperatures are generally no problem for us as we have constant access to water. However, we shut down for strong storms, wind, lightening, and wait until all is clear before resuming. Safety first!


If your priority is avoiding the regrowth of mold and mildew stains, you’ll save money by pressure washing in Fall. An effective cleanup done at this time of the year lasts on average one yearand can last two, depending on the conditions of your house!

Fall can provide terrific weather for us to wash. We have found many of our Customers want their homes looking terrific before the holiday decorations go up (and guests arrive). Our scheduling is also very flexible this time of year.

And What About Winter?

Winter is an actually a good time to have your home washed, weather permitting. We are equipped and trained to wash down to 35 degrees.

Lower temperatures may limit our hours but we never skimp on a project. If necessary, we will return the very following day ensure your project is completed – no rushing! As for scheduling, we are generally only limited by what Mother Nature dictates. Because we love to wash (and the bills keeping coming), we may offer our best discounts to encourage Winter washing.

However, the Christmas season comes with an extra challengeice. If you decide to pressure wash your house in winter, you’ll have to take into account the necessary de-icing process before actually pressure washing. 

Final thoughts on the best season(s) for pressure washing

We can say that your specific priorities (money, timing, and stain recurrence) will determine when the best moment of the year comes to hire a pressure washing company. We will always do our best to meet your timelines, events, etc..

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