Have questions about our services or how you can benefit from pressure washing? Read our FAQs section to find out who we are and what drives our passion for keeping it clean!

Have a question and need an answer fast? Our team is standing by to help at +1 717 533 2240, but we’ve listed answers to some of the more commonly asked questions to help you get to the bottom of things more quickly.

Are you insured?

Yes. Specifically for power washing. Make sure the person / company you are about to hire has insurance that covers power washing. Not all policies cover this service!

Can you get stains like rust, paint, deck stain, oil, and vine remnants off?

Generally, power washing is NOT the solution for these types of stains.

How far do you travel for pressure washing services?

For residential washing, we typically limit our distance to 50 driving miles from Hershey. However, depending on the job and our availability, we are able to travel much further.

How much does it cost to pressure wash a house?

Prices vary based on size of property, how dirty, how technical and distance from Hershey. We will happily provide you with a customized estimate that will include individual prices for each dirty area we can make look better. You can pick and choose. Hire us for most or all tasks and enjoy an extra Bundled Discount!

How often should I have my house pressured washed?

Since everything gets dirty again, that is up to you. The longer you wait, the longer it takes to clean. Some Customers hire us every year or two to keep their property looking amazing.

Is it safe to power wash your home?

If done by trained professionals, power washing using lower pressures and cleaners can safely rid your property of unsightly organic matter. However, without proper training or care, excessive pressure can certainly cause damage to property. We were personally trained by industry leaders from DC, NJ and GA before we even purchased our first machine.

What if I only want one side of my house washed?

No problem. To help you make the most equitable decision, we will generally provide two prices, one for a whole house wash and one for a partial house wash.

Will my plants be safe?

We gently rinse nearby plants with low pressure fresh water before and immediately following application of cleaners. This helps to minimize the impact to even the smallest plants.