The Complete Pressure Washing Preparation Checklist

Sep 13, 2022 | Articles

So you’ve decided to give pressure washing a chance. That’s awesome! Now you may be wondering how to prepare your house or business best for this big cleanup moment. 

To make the most of your investment in professional cleaning and keep everyone safe, it’s key to follow certain recommendations. Pressure washing makes your places look stunning, but it carries some risks when not handled well: electrocution and other injuries are the most common.

That’s why we’ve compiled a checklist with 5 things you need to do before pressure washing your place:

  1. Check Company Experience 

Whether you go with power washing or opt for pressure washing, you have to know that these cleaning techniques require qualified staff who can handle all the equipment safely and do their job efficiently.

You’ll want to ensure that you’re hiring trained and experienced professionals, and you’ll want to be sure that they’re specifically insured for the task they’re going to perform: power or pressure washing.

The internet gives you the amazing possibility to read reviews and check out clients’ testimonials for both power and pressure washing businesses. Learning about other people’s experiences will help you choose the right company for you – a company you can trust.

  1. Understand Working Methods

Spending some time talking to the company before cleanup day and asking them about all the details of how they do the washing (step by step) can save you potential headaches and misunderstandings. 

Common questions arise here: 

  • How will they protect your plants and your electrical outlets? 
  • How will they secure openings to avoid water entering the house? 
  • Where should you park your car? 

Ask them and clear up all doubts before the big day. Have questions for us? Visit our FAQs page to get answers, or contact our team today

  1. Protect Objects at Risk

In both companies and houses, there are certain objects that can get damaged by cleaning agents, high-pressured water, and wind. This is the case of some fabric and cushions, potted plants, and small decorations that you may have on your patio or porch.

It’s important that you agree with the company about when and who will move these objects. Some may ask you to move all the items before they start pressure washing while others will just remove heavy objects as they need.

  1. Remove Window Screens

Even though you can keep your windows’ screens in their place for the pressure washing day, it’s advisable to remove them beforehand. If you leave them, water will naturally clean them but you’ll have to wipe out the inner sills later on, where bugs and other debris can accumulate.

Another potential problem is that, with high-pressured water, a loose window screen can dislodge. Better safe than sorry! So, we highly recommend removing those window screens.

  1. Safety First: Keep Kids & Pets Inside

During a pressure or power washing service, kids and pets should always be away from pressure washer blasts. The best choice is to keep kids and pets inside the house, so make sure you have made interesting indoor plans before the professionals start working. 

If you’re pressure washing your house, every member of the family should know what’s going to happen that day to avoid complications.


Let’s sum things up. To make sure everything runs smoothly on your pressure washing day, remember these 5 useful recommendations:

  • Checking the company experience, training, and insurance
  • Understand their step-by-step working process
  • Take care of delicate objects
  • Remove your windows screens
  • Keep your kids and pets inside

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